torsdag 3. september 2009

My scrapping mojo is back!!

Sweetie is so much calmer these days. Her stomach paine is almost gone after introdusing a bottle of formula into her daily rutine. She's sleeping sooo well. And can you belive it she'll be 4 months in a few days and at 3,5 months she was rolling around on your stomach. Amanda was around 6 months when she did that! And we went to the doctor she had at the intenisve ward after her birth and she looked soo fine. He couldn't find anything wrong with her.

So all this leave me with energy to scrapbook. Been wanting to make some cards too, have a few gorjuss stamps I want to try but have some pages on the grandparent album left to make. Just don't want it to be like last year when I had to make all the pages in nov-dec. So I have pictures from Jan-July to make now and I'll sit down again with more later this year.

Well I'm starting a littlebit of work again next month but only one day a week. Can't belive I'm doing this so early but I guess it will be good for me since I haven't worked for a while. Will be doing this one day a week until middle of february and then we wil do 50/50 for some weeks my husband and I before I go to full work again before easter.

Hope you all have a nice day.

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Tonje sa...

I'm glad your energy is coming back. I'm having trouble seeing the pictures on your blog today... I'll try again later.


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