onsdag 7. oktober 2009

Flower headbands (prima++)

The first one is made of a flower bought at a local store and a prima flower + a prima center bling

And the weird woman underneath with weird glassed jupp that's me that's one of those cool new primaflowers that I just glued on a headband.. reallly really wanted those pink one's but the store I bought them on was sold out before my pay-day was here..buhuuuu

So there I found something to blog today too.. It's been a hectic week my husband got sent on a trip to spain for his job. Just the same week as I was having my first work-day in 7,5 months.. yes I was abit stressed. Leonore has not been feeling well these last days so with minimum of sleep these last days I was up at 06.30 got my kids dressed, my little one got food (Amanda eats breakfast at kindergaten) Got dressed and put on my makeup one delivered at kindergarten, one delivered at grandma and myself at work by 9 even managed to get in a "got puked on and changed clothes" so now waiting on my husband arriving back sometimes before midnight.. And I'm sooo pleased that I'm not working any more before next wednes day.. love spending my day's with my sweet little 5 month old!!

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Kim Piggott sa...

Oh wow sounds like you have had a day and a half glad that it is over for you and you are home!
Your baby is so adorable and I love your flower so sweet!
kim x

cats whiskers sa...

Oh this is fabulous hun, oh dear hun what a day!!
Hugs Jacqui x

Rach sa...

sounds like you have had everything thrown at you from all directions...
love the flowers ... your little one is sooooooo sweet.. what an angel.xxx

Stephanie sa...

Awwww beautiful - both of you!

Phew! I think you deserve a medal after all that honey :)

Hugs xxx

Kristii sa...

Awww....so sweet!!! Wishing you a brighter day my friend!!!!

Chris sa...

Two beauties with their flowers, such sweet, sweet photographs! Leonora is absolutely adorable, I can understand how hard it must have been to go back to work, it's very difficult trying to juggle everything, I remember well! Sounds like you're doing it all wonderfully and it makes the time spent with your gorgeous little ones that much more precious. Chris xx

Aija sa...

Tessa, you have been very creative lately! What a lovely idea with the beautiful flowers!

stardustgemsandribbon sa...

Oh...back to work so soon? Sounds like you are going to be very busy. Hope you get a routine worked out!
Your headbands are so beautiful!
Carole x


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