onsdag 14. oktober 2009

Sweet sweet Carole!

Sweet sweet Carole ♥ sendt this soooo sweet card ♥ and cutie cute teddy to Leonore ♥! We really love ♥ both the card (isn't it perfect!!!) and the cutie bear! Thank you so much!!! Biiiiiiig hug!!!
Please visit her blog and see all these amazing cards she make! I just love visiting and getting inspired ♥♥♥

The first picture I borrowed from Carole's blog

4 kommentarer:

Pia sa...

så flot kort i lækre farver

Rach sa...


stardustgemsandribbon sa...

So pleased the parcel arrived...better very late than never!
Thanks for all your lovely comments.
Carole x

Aija sa...

I can see that you have done many cards lately! And very beautiful ones they are!


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