fredag 5. februar 2010

9 months..

Time goes so fast!
♥3 teeth (and 3 more on the way)
♥crawling everywhere
♥when she learned how to stand on her own it got harder to find places to put things, the table is not a free zone anymore..
♥She lights up whenever I take picure of her
♥and there is noone that can maker her laugh as much at her big sis does.. their mad about each other..

I now only have next week at home with her before I'll have to  share her with her father.
 He will have 6 weeks paternity leave (yeah yeah I konow that's nothing compared to my almost 10 months.. but who was nauseous for almost 9 months and was giving birth for 47 hours) So my last 3 weeks and his first 3 weeks we will work 50/50 and then they will have 3 weeks to themselves ...

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Kellie Winnell sa...

Naaaaw what a little cutie! They really do grow way to quickly. You want them to crawl and then talk, walk and then when they do you don't want them to grow anymore, hehe!

You blog is absolutely gorgeous I must say, I was drawn to your stunning header too!

Hugs Kel

Cathrin sa...

Hei Tessa!
Tusen takk for kjempeflott candy som kom i posten i dag! Gleder meg til å ta det i bruk. Nydelig lita tulle du har! God helg til deg og dine!

Kim Piggott sa...

Oh Tessa she is so beautiful!
She is so busy too crawling and teething they grow so fast so quickly amazing!
kim x

Anonym sa...

Ahhh...Leonore is just a must be so proud. Good luck going back to work...I'm sure your husband will be fine!
Carole x


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