fredag 5. februar 2010

A layout a day...

...should keep the pile of pictures to grow to never-ending...(but someone has become in love with cardmaking)
These pictures was taken this summer at a cute amusmentpark. It's a recreation of a street in Lillehammer (the city we had the winter Olympics in 19-something..*blushing*) Outside they have tiny posters and tiny display's in the windows in Vintage style. And the houses are open so you can go inside, two of the blocks are a bookstore where you can buy new or old books, they sell books even from when my mother was a girl. And the houses is just as tall as a normal grownup can stand straight at the middle of the roof. The park has advansed much since I was a child and now they have all sort of activity's. I don't remember exactly what they had back then but I remember the little train that goes around the park. We spent a whole day there and Leonore (who was just a couple of months then) was just amazing and sleeping most of the day.

I also had to show this amazing picture I found on my phone today when I put the pictures over on my computer...Isn't she just sweet modeling for her mother. This is a  empty lot just two houses between us and here. And the gate is just so cool taking pictures by.  (Thank god for great camera phones)

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Kim Piggott sa...

Love your gorgeous page Tessa!
Brilliant layout and details!
Your camera photo is a dream! She is such a perfect model stunning picture!
kim x

Maren sa...

WOW sier jeg også!! For en kanonstilig layout! :D :D Og det bildet... herlighet, så søt :D

Sophie sa...

Yup..That is a very nice picture..
She look so moody, in the picture. What is in her mind?
I wish I had a baby girl too..^-^

Kari sa...

Så nydelig datter du har!

Flott LO også, liker der rene oppsettet og at du har fått med så mange bilder på en gang.

Ha en super dag.

Anonym sa...

Absolutely gorgeous picture...and your page is just wonderful...more lovely memories for you. Beautiful details as always.
It's nice to read about life in Norway and I remember the winter olympics from Lillehammer...I'm busy watching them from Vancouver right now! There are quite a few Norweigans there!
Carole x


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