tirsdag 16. februar 2010

The Sugar Nellie Blog

Yohooo.. I'm in the spotlight at the Sugar Nellie blog! I could not belive my eyes when I got a mail from Zoe asking if she could spotlight me...
Go here if you want to see...

2 kommentarer:

Judy's Crafty Moments sa...

Congratulations Tessa! your work is just beautiful! You deserve it :))

Hgs Judy xx

stardustgemsandribbon sa...

Absolutley wonderful to see you over at the Sugar Nellie blog Tessa :-D
You make gorgeous cards...it's always a pleasure to visit your blog :)
Many thanks for my card...it arrived today...what a lovely surprise! It's wonderful to own one of your works of art :)
Could you please email me your address again...thank you.
Carole x


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