lørdag 27. mars 2010

2 questions...

Does anyone know a place to buy envelopes for my 6x6" cards that is afordable to buy like 50 or 100 envelopes and will ship to Norway?

And is there like a template for minima strech 3 collumn??? I know it will be a days work to get my cute font back but I'd really like a 3 collumn minima strech..

Edit: just found a tutorial, may take alittle time before my blog is back to normal cute , thanks for undrestanding

Edit 2: tryed 3 times and I didn't get it to work...
the tips I got for 3 collumn was not minima strech and I really want the strech version 

2 kommentarer:

Tracey Feeger sa...

I don't know about the 6x6 envelopes but if you want a 3 column minima blog go to Our Blogger Templates that is where I got my template from and they are great but make sure you save all your current settings in case it doesn't work and make sure you save your widgets when you save the template.

Leann sa...

Not sure about the envelopes, but there are free 3 column templates here and some pretty backgrounds and headers here :D
Hugs x


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