fredag 26. mars 2010

Extra cute #7

A layout made for That's just so cute, Extra cute #7
It's me with a sleeping cutie in my arms..
The paper is from Webster's page's and I just love their news and if I only had ton's of money I'd buy all of what they just released!
And I also finally got the new Martha Stewart butterfly punch I'v been drooling so much over!!
So any plans for easter????
I'm going to work all the days the stores are open.. :( hard to adjusting to be a working gal again!
But all though I've only been working there for two hours a evening I loooooove my new job at the interior store, just as much as at the hair salon!! I'm a lucky one with two so sweet jobs!

7 kommentarer:

Leann sa...

This is gorgeous - I love Webster's too!
Hugs x

Jodi sa...

Oh so beautiful!! I love the layout and this photo!

Marianne-db sa...

Åh, denne var NYDELIG! Så herlig ark og skjønt bilde!!

Isabell - Taranita sa...

med så lekre papirer er det utrolig flott å se en så enkel og ren LO, jeg liker oppsette, pynte, ja alt harmonerer såå godt=)

Takk for ditt bidrag=)

paperscissors sa...

that paper is very subtle with the chandelier and scrolly bits, it is pretty without being over the ttop. precious picture and happy you are pleased with your new job and being back to work.

Camilla sa...

Så nydelig bilde. Lekker pynt og papir. :)

Tusen takk for ditt bidrag! ;D

Asil sa...

For et nydelig bilde! Åh, det oser alt som er godt! Flott pyntet og herlig oppsett!

Takk for at du deltar! :)


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