onsdag 3. mars 2010

Wow!!! You girls are the best!!

♥101♥ sweet followers!!! And this blog is only little over 2 months old WOW!!
And thank you!!! Yepp here's alot more blogpost than 2 months back but I got them over here from my old blog.. And I know I have not been a good girl and visited all of you sweet ladies commenting here, but life is hectic adjusting to working again.. And I so want to make some layouts and cards in the evening. Because It makes me relax, and it keeps you coming back visiting me♥
So girls I think I have answered all those with questions for me, if not please ask again here or send me an email..thank you!

So over to today's post.. Skissedilla! Oh how I love you girls!! Here's my entry for skisse #49 
Keep bringing those fantastic sketches!!

♥Isn't my sweetie-pie just too cute.♥

And don't forget my candy!! All you have to do is put up a link in your blog to enter..(and a picture prettyplease..)

7 kommentarer:

Kim Piggott sa...

Oh wow!
This is so very beautifully stunning!
kim x

Nancy sa...

ÅÅÅÅ SÅÅÅÅ nydelig, Maria:O) Herlig lita tulle, lekkert innrammet, flott arbeid!!!
Håper du får tid til å puste innimellom strabasene;O)
Klemmer fra Nancy;O)

Lene - nabon sa...

ooooo, I like, like a lot! Elsker misten, bildet, deltaljene ja alt!

takk for bidrag!

Guro sa...

Wow denne var supernydelig!!! Bildet, pynten, alt HERLIG!!! Gratulerer med 102 følgere også, fullt fortjent, du har en veldig fin blogg :-)

Sophie sa...

Congrat! It's a great news .
And that is a cutie pie there. ^^

Kjellaug sa...

Å herlighet så nydelig,bildet var jo fortryllende vakkert og like så alt tilbehør du har brukt.

Leann sa...

You have so many followers because you make gorgeous creations like this - it's beautiful!!!!
Hugs x


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