lørdag 17. april 2010

And my giveaway winners

48, 8 Random numbers generated Apr 17 2010 at 19:3:51 by www.psychicscience.org

nr 48 and the winner of  the "big" price is 48. Squirrel 
and the winner of the ribbon/lace pack  is nr 8. Mary Lou

Please send me your adresses my email you'll find in my profile

3 kommentarer:

Mary Lou sa...

WooHoo I won alittle prezzie!! Thanks so very very much Maria. Congrats to Squirrel :)

mae sa...


Squirrel x sa...

Me? Oh hunny, that's so exciting! Thank you so much (happy dance), I will email you now. Huge hugs, Squirrel xx


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