lørdag 22. mai 2010

And have you seen..

This cutie that Paula has drawn celebrating her over 800 follower of the Pollycraft Blog?
And do you know.. she has more coming if the counter hit's 900 followers..wouldn't it be nice if she gets 1000??? So come on if your not a follower of the Pollycraft blog become one if your not! 
Go on over to the Pollycraft Blog to get the Earth Fairy + sentiment!!

4 kommentarer:

Berit sa...

Heisan! Gjett om jeg har sett!
Og bare jeg får roa til å sette meg ned, skal jeg se om jeg får brukt det til noe også ;)

God pinse!

Mina sa...

ohhhhh shes a real cutie isnt she
Mina xxx

Amy sa...

Oh, this is so cute Maria, thanks for sharing the info! I'm off to check out Pollycraft!

Chelsea sa...

That is super cute. Thanks for sharing, need to check them out now.


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