fredag 14. mai 2010

Have you meet Burt?

This is Burt.. He looks alitle bewildered I think...
Maby He'd like you to make a card or a scrapbook page with him on..
And you know what.. until next friday he will be free over at Pollycraft.. so just run over there and find out how you can get him!!

Today we all went shoping, the kid's were crazy at times, and then once in a while mom got alittle carzy too...
But we had some stuff we needed that we didn't find around here, like new kindergarten dress for Amanda. She grows so fast and the one she had she got from her cousin and was now worn out.. We found a cute one so we got it in the size she use now and the next size.
Mom needed some new clothes.. (didn't find as much as I wanted though..)
And we needed light for the bathroom so I don't look like a scarecrow when I do my makeup..
Leonore needed a Spring/summer jacket..but didn't get one..

I'll be back later tonight with a Spesch new release......

1 kommentar:

Lisa76 sa...

Takk for tipset, gleder meg til å bruke Burt på noen kort snart :)


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