lørdag 8. mai 2010

your words...

Just a little break on the internett with my guily pleasure icecoffe before going to my cousin's confirmation.
 This is a layout that show's Leo's words these days..
The paper is Maya design, and the font's are this and that from my pile of sticker letter's so just ask if your wondering about any of them and I'll try to answer... 

Now both my and Amanda's  hair has gone through my new baby pink ghd iron ,
Amanda har curls and I've got straight hair.. 
Now off to eat something so we can get dressed, Leo is wearing a sailor dress, Amanda is wearing a white dress with pink flowers on and I'm wearing my national costume.(It's not me on the picture I've linked to but it's just to show my nc.)

Hugs everyone and thanks for nice comments!! 

1 kommentar:

Anne Gro og Ronny sa...

Det var en flott Lo. Nydelige farger!Koselig å følge med på alt det fine du lager.


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