onsdag 4. august 2010

Good to be home...!

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My husband always say you've had a good vacation when it's good to be home again!
And it is!! All thoug it was a too far detour to go to the Magnoila store :( (I was so wanting som stamps and those new yummy dies)
So yesterday I stat down scrapbooking + I made a card!

The layout is made by a color palette at the Color room 
Gorgeous colors!!! And I have been so wanting to use this Dear Lizzy note paper but haven't found the perfect use for it so this layout must have been what I was saving it for!

Another thing about being away for a few weeks is having tons to see on tv monday we had double up with eurEka, and yesterday double up with True blood. Yuuuuuuuuumi I so love that Eric, and I'm not afraid to let my husband know.. So for those of you who remember Ross and Rachel's "list" at Friends, I said to my husband that Eric needed to be on my list and he said that he had to have 2 on his list since he's from sweeden our neighbour country. And I said back that IF I we're to bump into him at any time I dought he'd want a 160cm short mother of 2..(with the stomach to show I have been throug 2 preg's)

5 kommentarer:

Amy sa...

Beautiful layout Maria, those colors are gorgeous together!
I'm glad you had a great vacation and I know what you mean about Eric! ;o)

Kari sa...

Så nydelig LO, dgget misten og så fint fargene dine passer inn til bildet! Og den blonden da du!

Ha en flott dag!

LindaSS sa...

For en nydelig LO, den var helt herlig...

Og fikk stempeltrykkene i går, finner dem i bloggen min.. :).. Så igjen tusen tusen takk.. :)


Stempeltiger sa...

WOW! This layout is really beautiful Maria!
Hugs, Swantje x

Leann sa...

Aaaaaaw, they're gorgeous!
Eric's on my list too - but I'm happy to share him!


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