onsdag 13. oktober 2010

Grandma love ♥

It's never fun to say bye bye to grandma after spending a few days together...
But now it's only one and a half week until Sweetie gets to stay with my mother the whole weekend without a screaming baby sister and nagging parents..

How do you like the little changes In my blog.. yeah I know I keep changing all the time but I always try keeping it sweet in her + easy to read..

I'm also planning a candy for my Norwegian visitors.. and I'll do an international soon again too..

And have you seen this yummi candy over at Tiddly inks??
 go here for a chance to join..

2 kommentarer:

CraftyC sa...

A beautiful page Maria and a lovely photo. Love the use of the Magnolia Die!!

Stacy Cohen sa...

This is such a pretty page!!! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog.


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