onsdag 2. februar 2011

One Year will do this to you..

First a card made in dec. 09
and then a card made this dec...
Yeah so much more pleased with both my coloring and my photo taking skills
(yeah I used SLR cam on both..)

And what do you think of my new header??
I just felt like a change..

5 kommentarer:

Gro sa...

Synes begge kortene dine er fine, jeg da. Og headeren er nydelig. Får skikkelig sommerfølelse.
Klem :o)

Hannemor sa...

Så nydelige kort du har laget - begge er flotte syns jeg, men det siste viser jo at man endrer seg en del som kortlager i løpet av et år! :)

Nydelig layout på bloggen din, forresten - den lekreste jeg har sett! ♥

Alice Wertz sa...

both cards are beautiful! but i know what you mean. LOVE your coloring on the second card. gorgeous work, Maria!

Anonym sa...

a fun comparison Maria! I use DSLR too but I still have to do some adjusting in my photo software. I do use an external flash and diffuser at night for photos....I've just started using the AV mode and changing the f-stop, ISO and white balance and so far I'm really liking it!
Pam Going Postal

Lynsey sa...

Fabby cards Maria! Great looking back on your work.
Hugs Lynsey x


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