søndag 24. juli 2011


Sorry for the mess.. I'm trying something new.. If this don't go well I'll go back to what I had.. just need to try fixing it fist;) Thank you for your patience...

Edit: I went back to what I had as I didn't get it how I liked it and have not enough html. experience to get it right.. better luck next time haha

3 kommentarer:

Lydia sa...

Hi, you can change the wide of your koloms in your blogger sjabloon.
than i think you have your background ok.
Hugs Lydia

Bettina sa...

lol. jag vet precis vad du menar. måste också ändra och förnya i min blog, men...jag vet ju att jag behöver flera dagar på mig för att f allt att bli rätt hi, hi. Äh...jag väntar nog lite til...
ha en underbar söndag! kram!

PinkBlingCrafter sa...

I'm your 500 new follower and OMG love you cards and coloring is just amazing!! The images are just adorable:)


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