lørdag 6. august 2011

Any one know??

I know I've been quiet lately but between making dt cards (that I can't show yet) 
, getting new Simply Sassy guests on the team and starting working again hours just fly by..

Now I do have a question to all the lovely crafters popping in here
(thank you for the lovely comments you have left)
I so much wanted this Tim Holtz die

as I've fallen in love with making big tags lately..
But it turns out it's WAY too big for my sweet Cuttlebug.. *big bummer*
And since I can't possibly afford another big crafting tool any time in the near future 
does anyone know a big tag die that I can use in my Cuttlebug??

Have a sweet weekend and I appreciate any reply even if you don't know if I can use it in my bug I might find the measures and find out myself    

edit: Kathrin have told me I can use this tag in the cuttlebug.. now I only need to get myself those expensive long plates for the bug + the tag.. (in other words..one expensive tag..but I want it so much..) 

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Inkypinkydelights sa...

Hi, if it is any help most Sizzix dies will go through the Cuttlebug, as will Spellbinders. You could think about looking at other makes too as the wooden dies might also be an option. I know Magnolia do a lovely fancy one and so do Marianne. Judy x

Fiona sa...

Maria..do you not just the extended plates for this die as you would need the extended plates to use this die in the big shot.


Fiona sa...

Maria...I also found this on splitcoast stampers, some tips on how to use the long dies in the cuttlebug...http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/forums/tool-product-talk-f128/how-use-cuttlebug-extra-long-revolution-dies-t407282.html


Maria Therese sa...

But by the measures in a shop I saw this die in it was to wide too to go through the bug.. :( But I will check again..

*marion* sa...

Heppa Maria =)

Du lyte hive deg med på treff no da så e der faktisk nokke som he den her å andre i samme stil eg har foresten den som er hakket mindre en liten tagg alså , har maskin som tar den har epix six , e treff neste torsdag tenke eg , plinge meg så skal eg vete det med sikkerheit klem =)

Kruemel sa...

Hi hun - I have this and it fits through the Cuttlebug! All you need is the extendend plates - litke the Big Shot ones - because it's longer. But it fits through in wideth!

Biggest hugs,

Maria Therese sa...

Thank you Kathrin!!
Bugger I saw cuttlebug long plates at the magnolia store and didn't buy:(

Alice Wertz sa...

i have this die and it's not too wide for Cuttlebug for sure! and your regular plates are perfect for it. you don't need the longer plates to cut the tag. =) hope this helps!

LaJanette sa...

Oh thanks for this post Maria; I was about to buy the die the other day and didn't even think that it would not fit in my cuttlebug; but I see that it is possible now.



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