onsdag 17. august 2011

Freebie Sidebar buttons

I made these and thought I'd share
If you take them please leave a comment ♥♥
They are in *png and will be transparent on your blog background 
and they are shown here in full size..
Just right click and save on each one of them.. 

Hope you like them...

7 kommentarer:

alethea sa...

Thank you for these! I will use them proudly on my blog!! HUgsxx

Sheila sa...

These are stunning but I wouldn't have a clue how to use them hun! Help me pls! Sheila:)X do I add them as a gadget?

Renee VanEpps sa...

Thank you!!! I'm taking the candy jar one since I always enter so many blog candy's!

Maria Therese sa...

Sheila you add them as pictures :)

Fiona sa...

wow fab...Maria, you are so clever


The Crafty Den sa...

Thanks Maria, they are brilliant. I've used both the candy jar button and design for button. What a clever girl you are!! Hugs, Denise x

The Crafty Den sa...

Hi Maria, thanks for your comment :-) Yuo'll have to make an "eye candy" button and I'll add Eric there then lol! Hugs, Denise x


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