tirsdag 18. oktober 2011

Her name is Lole..

At least that is what she's calling her self these days..
Lole or Leole Liva..

Staying home with my 6 year old as she got the Chickenpox  
this weekend.. She's okay at daytime and melts like hot Cheese at evenings..
Ans yes spots from the top of the head to all the way with a couple under her feet..
So now I'm hoping this little piggie (from the picture above)
also gets it so we're done.. Their kissing and hugging when little miss allow her big sis to do so,
so I think she will get it too..

The weather here is baaaaaaaaaad so happy I get to stay indoors..
Tomorrow Little Miss has her day off at daycare so with this weather I really don't know how to keep them 
occupied all day... Wish me good luck♥

I'll try to pop by tomorrow to.. if not I'll be back Thursday  with The Sugar Bowl card..

7 kommentarer:

Siv Anne sa...

Leken og flott!

Lill S. sa...

Bare så skjønn :)Og kule detaljer :)
Har vært å lånt en skisse igjen og linket til deg, takker for inspirasjon :)
Klem Lill

Chelsea sa...

Oh she is a cutie! Wonderful layout Maria.

Hugs and Love.

Vicky sa...

So gorgeous hun...and I hope the lil' one is feeling better...bless..

big hugs Vicky xx

Anita sa...

Such a cute page and that picture is adorable. Just makes me want to hug her. I hope all are feeling better in your house soon. It's so sad to see our little ones sick isn't it?

Alice Wertz sa...

cute cute cute! such a darling photo and a pretty layout. fabulous work, Maria!

Crea Astrid sa...

What a beautiful LO with a lovely photo.

Hugs Astrid.


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