onsdag 19. oktober 2011


One last one with the Studio Calico Glee club kit
Yesterday I got the newest kit.. Seems it had an extra trip to South Europe..
The super-cute tag in the left corner is from some super cute clothes I buy for my girls ♥
I could probably buy the clothes just for these tags 
but they are so sweet I don't need a excuse to spend a little extra on them ♥

The butterfly is a Martha Stewart one that my sweet friend Elaine send me after seeing them and thinking of my layouts, she knows me so well ♥ 

So are you sick of my layouts yet?? Tomorrow It's Sugar Bowl time again 
and I'll try to be back with a card or tag later in the week too :)

I'm entering so cute colors # 10

6 kommentarer:

Kellie sa...

I love it, love it, adore it! Absolutely amazing and love the use of the clothing tag!


Louise sa...

Hej Maria Therese!
Skojar du? Trött på dina layouter??
Aldrig! ;)
Du skapar så många underbara lo:s och kort så jag skulle aldrig klara mig utan :) Fantastisk tag, vilket märke kan det vara? Inget jag känner till :o (shoppar MYCKET ;))

Alice Wertz sa...

i love your layouts, Maria! adorable photo and i love seeing all the details on your work. love that cute tag, too! fab layout!

Amy sa...

I would never tire of seeing your layouts Maria, they are fabulous! The clothing tag is super cute and a perfect embellishment! The hexagons coming on to the picture is a great touch! Your girls are super cute!

~Isabell~ sa...

for en utrolig skjønn LO, søtt med sløyfe i "håret" på tagen. Liker den duse varianten av fargene

takk for ditt bidrag=)

pia iris sa...

herlig tittel og flott med de sekskantene på.
søt sommerfugl også.
takk for ditt bidrag. klem pia


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