søndag 22. april 2012

My sweet friend ♥

My sweet Friend Elaine is giving away some yummi candy in her blog to her followers. 

Elaine is one of the sweetest girl I know all though she is not very productive in her crafting ( I tell her to start using Markers to not use so much time on her coloring but she says she has tried and don't like it..good thing also as she does magic with her DI coloring!!)
Go over to her blog if you haven't already been there and look at her pretty cards! They are really worth the wait between each card she posts and as over the last years have received a few of them I know their just as amazing in real life.. 

I will try to pop back later today with some smash pages from my London trip in January..

2 kommentarer:

Elaine sa...

Thank you Maria :)

Now you know if I didn't colour with DI's then I just wouldn't be me!
But yes, I wish I could colour quicker!

Hugs Elaine xxx

Tammy Ortiz sa...

Have a super nice trip


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