fredag 29. juni 2012


Last years travel printer Polaroid PoGo was a disaster

 The prints got stripes and they were not clear at all...
So after asking my husband for this and that I found on-line he did some research and I have now ordered this fancy little thing...

Canon Selphy CP800

I wouldn't mind it being white but they were out of stock and what was the pion if I didn't get it before we go on vacation..
It's about 4 times the size of the PoGo (I think) but hey I don't need to bring it in my purse and I don't need to have stickers backing on the pictures.. This prints regular size photos and have several neat functions like printing a collage of picture and you can use usb, memory card  or print directly from the camera.. Think this one even have wifi.. Now this sounds more and more like I'm trying to sell you this printer, but I am really exited and just hope I get it soon. Don't we all want the stuff we order the minute we press buy??

So now I can bring one of my Smash* books

I'm planning to use my Big Shot and my dies and make cute stuff to decorate my pages with.. 
And then I'll hopefully have lots to show when I get home :)

3 kommentarer:

Anita sa...

I can't wait to see your vacation pictures and smash book Maria - yay!

Rachel Parys sa...

I don't have that Canon printer, but I do have a Canon, and I LOVE it!!!

Arabella sa...

Oooh that looks lovely! I can't wait to hear your review and see all your fun new pages when you get back!



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