søndag 15. juli 2012

These are a few of my favourite things

It's been too long since I did one of these now so here is a new one..
And of course you know I love my Copic's, Liquid pearl ++

Washi tapes ♥♥♥ Please tell me who doesn't like them??

 I so love my heart and cloud tape.. so much I have two..
These you find in so many shop's on etsy.com and other places..

And now I'm so happy happy because today I found THIS!!!

A even BIGGER one!! Yupp it's on it's merry way to me (soon at least I hope)

In my latest Bunny Zoe's Crafts kit I got this beauty ♥

I got so inspired I made 4 cards and a Smash page at once!!
The Smash page I have posted but the rest you will see here in my blog during the rest of the month..

Speaking of Smash books..
Bought my first one a little over a year ago..
But then I didn't get it.. Now I suddenly filled up one and a half in just a few months..
This fiskars punch by Jenni Bowlin Oh how I love thee...
You find it on so many of the things I've made lately..

And I have been a fan of Krista's for quite some time..
you can find her new shop here

I have many more fave's but the list could go on and one.. 
I'll try to do a new one in not so long..

3 kommentarer:

Elaine sa...

Ok, I am sorry to say this but...I don't like washi tape!!
MME pads are fab.
I do have a Smash book...but it's an empty smash book..will I ever find time to play with it??
I think I love all the butterfly punches :)

Hugs Elaine xxx

Mojca sa...

Oh I love love love Kristas' images. And the punch is gorgeous too. Hugs! Mojca

Mary J sa...

They are all fab honey! Wanna share?! ;)


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