torsdag 2. august 2012

I love Candy ♥

We went to the Zoo in Kristiansand last week, a big park where they have Pirates (Kaptein Sabeltann) Children book recreations by Torbjørn Egner and lots and lots more.
We went there 5 years ago when Amanda was 2 and then only for a day, now we had to go two days and still there was lots we didn't see..
To my surprise and joy they had recreated a Christmas Calender from my Childhood that started to go on tv a short week after I was born (the first time) Skomakergata
It was so fun going there and we stopped at their store and bought cookies and candy..
Leo had red from the Lollipop all over her self..
Luckily they didn't eat it all.. this one gets turbo from too much (or just a little) sugar...

I want to enter Bikuben's summer challenge with this Smash page.. 

8 kommentarer:

Anita sa...

Beautiful! I love that picture of Leo - so cute.

Rachel Parys sa...

Yummy! That is too sweet!!

Elise sa...

hahahah! OoOOh this picture is priceless! What a cutie she is!! Sounds like a LOT of fun there .. wish I could go and see it myself! And your smash page is GORGEOUS!!!

Big Hugs,

Alice Wertz sa...

hee... love that photo! adorable page!

Alyce sa...

hahaha what a cute photo! Love this and that little strawberry button is so cute! :)

Shelby sa...

What an adorable sticky mess!


Arabella sa...

Lol! Adorable! Gorgeous page!


Bikuben Hobby og Gaver sa...

Super søt sommerside! Herlig med sommerfuglene og jordbæret! Takk for at du deltar!


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