tirsdag 21. august 2012

Miss Chatty...

 So have you seen Kelly Purkey's stamps?? I have two ordered them the day she opened her store
Happiness right here and Geotag  unfortunately they had such a long way to travel they arrived after I went on vacation.. Buuuuut I had still so much for my vacation smash book to do when I got home.. 
that they have been much used anyway..
Here we are on a boat trip with my husband's childhood buddy that we dropped by on our vacation. He lives so far away that it was 5 years since our last visit.. My husband has been wanting a boat for yeaaaaars.. I've known him for hmmm 11 years now and the boat dream is way older than that..
We didn't quite agree on a boat at first as they are quite expensive.. but I wanted one that was just big enough that it was possible to spend a night on it..
We finally agreed.. and found a boat.. And suddenly we are now boat owners..
(well the Bank is but then they own much of our house too..)
So wheeeeen will I ever afford to buy those KP stamps that I want for my smash book and layouts??
Who know's?? Good thing we crafter's do stock up on supplies like there is a war coming and we need to be secure..(That don't mean I'm not drooling over the new CHA stuff though..)
One more (all year around Favourite) 
Yeah.. when ever was I this chatty???

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Mary J sa...

Such fab pages honey! I love the second one for those doodled arrows!

Chelsea sa...

Hi Maria, What a beautiful way to capture all the vacation memories. Gorgeous photos too.


Mojca sa...

OMG congrats on the new boat!!! And such great pages again. I love your layouts adn pictures are great. Hugs! Mojca

Alyce sa...

These photos are too cute!! Love the layouts with them and how exciting to have your new boat!! :D

Rachel Parys sa...

How exciting!! Congrats!

Vicky sa...

Beautiful sweetie...xx

Alice Wertz sa...

wow! congratulations on your new boat!! hope you are enjoying it. now, next time you want to order more supplies, just remind your hubby that he got his boat and all you want is a few stamps! =) love the details on your pages and the photos are precious! thanks so much for sharing, Maria!

Tone-Lill sa...

All the delicious food on the photos makes me hungry lol. Fun holiday pages you have made :)

Anita sa...

Beautiful pages and pictures Maria! Congratulations on your new boat sweetie. We are also boat owners and they are so much fun! Believe me, your little girls will have such wonderful memories from their time spent boating. Please share some pictues with us ;) Oh, and when you want new crafting stuff you just tell hubbie that since he got to buy his boat he always wanted, you should get your goodies too lol!

Faye sa...

These pages are all gorgeous. xx

June Nelson sa...

More fabby pages darlin just love em big huggies June xxx


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