mandag 28. januar 2013

Little me..

Still working on my baby album..
And now I've also found more pictures to scan..yaayyy.
I had scanned sooo many pictures as I borrowed many many albums from a cousin of me.
And stupid me hadn't saved them multiple places.
Then the hard-drive they were one went scrambling and everything lost..
Now that I have a new scanner I hope to get the albums I found at my Mum scanned :)
And yes I will save them more than one place!! 

4 kommentarer:

Mojca sa...

So adorable!!!! hugs! Mojca

Rachel Parys sa...

Very cute!! I am always paranoid of losing pics, happened to me before too!!

Elise sa...

Hi Sweetie! You've been busy making all these gorgeous layouts! Love the colors and the teensy details and where you put them. Gosh .. I think I totally forgot how to put a scrap page together! lol!!! I love yours!!!

Big Hugs,

Karyn S sa...

wow, another stunning page. I love the little stamping details you have done. Oh dear, sorry to hear about losing all your images. I try and do regular backups but I'm also frightened of this happening to me.


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