onsdag 13. februar 2013

Saturated Canary pin contest...

No cards to share today, have been feeling poorly these last days and spent them mostly on the couch and in bed, (but I do have some DT cards made earlier, one for later this week and one for next week)
today was Leo's home day and she was a good girl all day as long as she got her Chocolate milk she even got dressed without me asking her.. Not the best of combo though as we were inside all day..
And when Amanda came home from school she took her outside in the garden for a while..
Good girl ♥♥ My big girl even started baking.. two times this week she has been in the kitchen making bun's . I may never have to bake again.. Of course she's not old enough to put them in the oven so that's me or mostly dad's job if he's home (I don't like to take warm plates out of the oven..

So a few things  before my but get glued to the couch for the rest of the day 

Krista has a pinning contest over at Pintrest 
read about it here and please go re-pin my pin's here

And I fell in love with this Rihanna song I want you all to hear ♥

Off I go...

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Mojca sa...

Oh you have such good girls! I am in the contest too so if your interested come and join me too. hugs! MOjca


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