torsdag 4. juli 2013

Happy Birthday Amanda♥♥

8 years ago today I became mom to my first little Princess,
she was to prettiest of them all and the week and a half we stayed at the hospital after she was born all the nurses fell in love with her too, my little doll as one of the midwifes called her.
She was perfect and still is so pretty ♥♥
Gratulere med dagen snuppa ♥♥

This Sunday she took a friend to a indoor play park and they (+our little one Leonore)
had so much fun, it was the best day of their life.

Leonore had just won a set of face paint so I made them all into butterflies before we went and then after some hours there we went to eat at Burger King. 
Wow time flies..thinking how tiny she was 8 years ago..

4 kommentarer:

marion sa...

Fab pictures and yes I agree a perfect princess, happy birthday Amanda, hope you have loads of lovely stuff and a fab day, hugs, marion

Mojca sa...

Happy birthday to your little princess. Have a magical day. Oh she is really a cutie. Hugs! Mojca

Bente Fagerberg sa...

She sure is a sweet little princess. Happy belated birthday! :-) Cute pictures.

Anita sa...

Happy Birthday Princess Amanda! You are a beautiful little girl and I hope you have the best birthday ever :)


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