mandag 18. november 2013

M.I.A. (an update..)

Have not been posting a lot here lately, sorry for that.
But the reason is that I have been moving my crafty stuff to the basement.
And yesterday I got the rest of the stuff down.
Just my chair and my trash bin is left upstairs..
The girls will have more space for their ever growing toy collection where my desk was and I will have also have more space..Not to forget that I can also play a lot louder music when I sit and craft as I no longer sit outside their bedroom..

Here is the last picture from my mess..
You can find more here in my instagram 
It might still take a few weeks to get settled but when I do I will take you on a tour..
I hope and wish for a big Expedit or something similar as the nearest Ikea is way to far away..
But I bet it won't happen on this side of the new year.. 

I will be back on Thursday with a card and I will try not to be missing from my blog so much but December is a hectic month..So please don't forget to check up on me once in a while :)

4 kommentarer:

Anita sa...

Can't wait to see pictures of your new crafty space!

Rachel Parys sa...

Hooray!! A new room to play in! Can't wait to see it finished!

Mojca sa...

Oh can't wait to see your new crafty room, I bet it will be so pretty. hugs! Mojca

Maya sa...

Hehe, godt å se at det ikke er bare jeg som har bittelitt stash og flytte på når scrapperommet flyttes ;) Men gøy med flytting, får tatt en real opprydning i sakene.
Lykke til med å få alt på plass!


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