søndag 7. desember 2014

Christmas jar 2

 I finished another christmas jar and have 3 left to go..
These are Jam jars washed taken the label off (which is a shitty job with all the glue residue so if anyone have a smashing idea on how to get them off easy please let me know) and then sprayed with gold spray 2-3 layers)

Whiff of Joy products used:
snow flake trio
ticket dies

Well as I said 3 more in the makin' so will post them here through the month..

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Colinda sa...

Good morning, love your jar!! Last week I saw a lady how put some peanutbutter on the gleu and let it sit for a while, then she cleaned it with a tissue and washed it. Haven' t tried it myself but I'll hope it works!
Have a nice day,


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