fredag 13. mars 2009

Flower girl

As I promised a round layout today... Sweetie loves picking flowers!! And now with the flowers popping upp all over it has started again.. Basicly summer is about picking flowers and wearing skirts all the time. And winter is about eating snow (yes every winter, can't keep her away from the stuff! But we finaly got it into her head that it's not okay to eat snow aywhere) and using skirts when she's inside the house.. And aboute the skirt thing.. She loves princesses but she's not quite sure she likes Princess Yasmin.. asked her why, it was because she wears pants not dresses *lol*

Have a lovely weekend!! Tonight there will be no scrapbooking or cardmaking..Just Taco and TV ;-)

By the way...made ATC for the first time yesterday..Made them for Minneriket
wasn't quite happy with all of them..but their ok enough since these were my first..
I'll promise to show you the two I were happy with by the end of the weekend.. so stay tuned..

8 kommentarer:

Lula sa...

Dette er noe av det lekreste altså!!! Helskjønn rett og slett. Digget farger, oppsett..ja alt

Rach sa...

a beautiful layout, hugs rachxx

stardustgemsandribbon sa...

What a delightful circle creation Tessa, your daughter is so beautiful and I can imagine her loving all Princesses! Love the flowers you've used.
The Cuttlebug folder is called Floral Screen....if you have any problems getting it, let me know and I'll try and help you.
Have a nice weekend.
Carole x

stardustgemsandribbon sa...

Hi Tessa
This is the link to the shop that I got the folder from

Carole x

stardustgemsandribbon sa...

Back again...

Try here...

My friend has ordered from Sweden, so you should have no problem with this shop.

Hope this helps.

Carole x

Helene sa...

Så utrolig skjønn LO!!:)

Vibeke sa...

Denne var skikkelig flott!! En herlig LO:)

Maria sa...

Such a pretty layout Tessa. Love the round shape and the pretty colors. . .your daughter is adorable.



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