fredag 4. desember 2009

Isn't she lovely...

Just found a cutie photo on a memory card for the camera I haven't used since summer... Isn't she gorgeous..
On this picture she was 2,5 months..tomorrow she will be 7 months.. time flyes!!

This card I put together in a hurry yesterday.. I'm going to meet a friend of mine today who got a boy a month ago, not to happy with the coloring of the stamp. But with a unpatient 7 month old in my left arm while coloring,I guess it's not to bad after all..

4 kommentarer:

Christine (Craftling) sa...

That photo at the top is even more beautiful than your cards, if that is possible. What a little angel!! And a great photo, too.

Chris xx

Carole sa...

What a beautiful photograph...and a fabulous card. Your colouring looks perfect to me!
Carole x

Vibeke sa...

For et utrolig nydelig bilde!! Herlig kort:)

Jeanette sa...

Oh what an angel! This is such a great photo! Isn't it shocking how fast they grow? You have to treasure every moment!
Hugs Jeanette


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