fredag 22. januar 2010

I got an award

From two sweet girls Grethe & Camilla .
And I have to write 7 fact's about me..
* I love coffe moccha
* I've been scrapbooking since alittle after Amanda was born (she's 4,5 year) but the  joy of making cards have come these last few years..
* I looooooooove pink
* I love a tidy and clean house but love to use my time at other stuff *blushing*
* I'm a Trekkie (Star Trek fan) and that's my bigbrother' fault.. But I also love so much other si-fi stuff (But noooot Babylon5)
* I also follow True Blood and Being Human (also about vampires) but have never seen Twilight.
* I work as an hairdresser. (And have alway been spotted with scissors in my hand, when I was little I cut every magazine I came across..made scrapbooks with nice hairdo's and cut of the hair on my best friend's barbie dolls)

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