fredag 22. januar 2010

New font again..

New font on my blog post titles again.. Brody it's called. Or Milk as it sayes where I uppoaded it..since I just don't want to use time changing all the "help" files, I just change the name to Milk and uppload the new file.. new font in minutes..
 Yeah..yeah. I know you rather than read my babbling would like to see a Card or a Layout. And If little miss "I'm so cute" would like to sleep when she  goes to bed tonight I might get both a layout done (read: skissedilla 43) and get some exercise done on my wii fit(for the first time this year.. I'm so good at finding excuses not to).

And just because I hate leaving you with no pictures.. here's some quite scarry pictures...
My husband and my youngest daughter.. Good she's a girl or I might have the authority's investigateing us for cloning..

7 kommentarer:

HegeAL sa...

Kult med anna font i titlene!! Kan jeg spørre åssen du får det til? Flott bloggen din har blitt etter all oppussinga!

Sigurd sa...

Tommel opp

Sophie sa...

I like this font better, lovely. ^-^
Like the picture also, cute baby.

Turid sa...

Så flott at du deler slike funn med oss andre! Fikk virkelig lyst til å spreke opp bloggen min!
Takk for inspirasjon - og God helg!

Hilsen Turid :)

Amy sa...

Wow, they really look a lot alike! Those pics will make a fun scrapbook page Tessa!

Pia sa...

Det var jente som var lik faren sin, ja!

Anonym sa...

Wow...they are so much alike....amazing!
Great photos!
Carole x


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