søndag 21. mars 2010

Father & Daughter

Just had to show you, I dressed Leonore up in her father's baby clothes... *lol*
Had to do it, their so alike... 

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Nancy sa...

Nei men så søtt:O) Herlige bilder, og tenk at du har klær etter pappa'n, stilig:O)
Ha en fin søndags kveld.
Klemmer fra Nancy;O)

Gro sa...

Ååå så søt hun er da. Helt til å spise opp :o)


Lorraine sa...

omg i thought it was the same baby so cute x

Amy sa...

OMGosh! They do look so much alike...it's amazing! LOL!

Sivic sa...

Utrolig lik pappaen sin, helt herlig : )

Debbi sa...

So beautiful! I hope you have the pictures labeled so you won't confuse who is who--they're so alike!
How wonderful that you have the baby outfit still.

Leann sa...

Oh I LOVE this - they both look so cute!!!
How wonderful that you still have Daddy's clothes to dress Leonore up in too!
Hugs x


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