tirsdag 23. mars 2010

Like father like daughter

Skissedilla is celebrating their first birthday with this beauiful sketch.
I used the picture of Leonore and my husband, think teir just so cute and it will be so cool for her to have it in her album.

6 kommentarer:

AnGelCaKe sa...

WOW!! beautiful LO.

Anonym sa...

Gorgeous layout and what adorable photo's...they certainly do like alike! You always use the most beautiful embellishments Maria!
So pleased that your parcel finally arrived...I can't believe how long it took! Slow post to Norway...hehe!
Have a great day my friend...and thanks for all your lovely comments :)
Carole x

Leann sa...

Beautiful - I love it!
Hugs x

Emma sa...

Wow your creations are stunning and such a joy to look thru. Many thanks for visiting my blog...sorry its taken so long for me to visit you.
Hugs Emma x

Lula sa...

ååå Så skjønn hun er!! Liker at du har brukt gult/orange på siden. Det er knallflott mot det hvite;) Herlig med glimmermisten.

Takk for at du deltar

paperscissors sa...

what an interesting layout!!! you have such an eye for design without overpowering the subject...great idea the baby photos of farher and daughter!!!


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