lørdag 28. august 2010

I want one of those ♥

I'm not optimistic about my husband getting my green bug fixed, so I've been browsing the web..
lookie what I found.. I'm really a PINK PINK PINK girl and I know there are Pink ones out there but I'm soooooooooo in love with this one.. but it's soooooooooo expensive shipping it here.. found one at amazon for only 39.99$ but they wanted over 100$ shipping..... even with a amazing offer on the machine I can NOT use that much money on a new one.. I could use 200 nkr about 20£ over the price of a green bug sendt from Norway to get another yummi color but not more.. Hope he gets to fix the bug, I now see how much I really need it but I need the money for a new Phone...

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Penni sa...

WOW this is gorgeous.


Elaine sa...

Hope your hubby can fix it for you!
I want a pink Bigshot. I have the old blue and black coloured bigshot and it works just fine, but I really want a pink one because.....it's pink!
Love Elaine xx

Amy sa...

Wow, the shipping is crazy! I hope your hubby can fix it for you!

Anita C sa...

Hi Maria! Wow that is super expensive on the shipping. I had my cuttlebug break on me and my hubby fixed it. It was really hard for him to take apart but he managed and the problem with it is that there is a nut that holds onto the handle and the nut popped off on mine, so that there was no pressure anymore between the wheels where we run the plates through. You need to take the bottom off of the cuttlebug first and then you can get the sides off. Just thought a few tips might help, I wish you the best of luck!! I certainly know how your feeling, I was going to buy a new one too but my hubby didn't want me spending that kind of money on the same thing twice :)

Anonym sa...

wonder if I could buy it for you and ship it cheaper?
Pam Going Postal

Anita C sa...

I'm sorry to hear that it couldn't be fixed :(
I had my fingers crossed for you all night last night.
Anita xxx


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