mandag 18. oktober 2010

And some girly Karft cards

Here are the last two of the bunch I made the other day.. 
The stamps are Sugar Nellie and the sentiments are Ladybug and Friends, 
the sentiments are my favorites and now they also have English sentiments too.
If anyone could tell me what font it is on these stamps I would be very happy.

Every other monday I have a day off from work and the kids are also at kindergarten.
I use this day to get stuff done like house keeping, today I had really BIG plans for the house..stuff that has been put off for months..But since little one has had fever all weekend she has to stay home.. So all the stuff I've been planning has to be putt off since my 1,5 year old want to help with anything i do.. 
Last night she didn't go to sleep only cried until we finally gave up so big sis could fall asleep..
11 pm she finally gave up and fell asleep..  
Hope you all have a wonderful day and I'll be back later this week.. 

5 kommentarer:

joey sa...

Hiya Maria

I love these, gorgeous images, love the effect on the kraft

Joey xx

juli sa...

Likte kjemegodt det øverste!! ;) Du e kjempeflink!! :)

Kim Piggott sa...

Oh wow!
These are so very beautiful I love these!
kim x

alina sa...

I like them, Maria, gorgeous!
hugs, Alina

Amy sa...

These are so sweet, Maria! The kraft is such a great background, the cute girls really stand out! Awesome cards!


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