lørdag 16. oktober 2010

Meet Mackenzie

This sweet girl is Mackenzie and she's a Sugar Nellie stamp.
I got her +many more from Sweet Elaine and I even got to pick the ones I wanted..
I made this card to enter Trykkpressa Oktober where the challenge this month was to make something with 
lace /ribbon, flower and bling + the main color as pink...
I had no problems with that as I like them all...

Now I'm going to put my little sweetie to bed, she has fallen asleep in my arms, my poor baby is full of fever.
We gave her medicine now to calm her fever and give her some good rest for a while but she didn't want to fall asleep in her bed. And I didn't want her to cry herself to sleep today.. hopefully she'll have a better day tomorrow..

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Francielle sa...

Herlig herlig! kost meg gløgg hjæl i bloggen din. allltfor lenge siden jeg har vært på besøk hos deg! takk for titten og masse inspirasjon! god helg!

CraftyC sa...

Your card is beautiful Maria and she's so pretty. I do hope your little girl gets better soon. My Zoe had the same thing the other week. Its not nice when they are burning up and I know how much they love their cuddles. Hugs to you both!

Jeanette sa...

Sweetie, your card is simply adorable! Love it!

I hope your little one is better soon. It is always so heart-breaking when they have such high fevers.

Hugs Jeanette

Anonym sa...

she's a doll! love her Maria!
Pam Going Postal

Elaine sa...

Beautiful Maria.
I love your colouring of her, and the colours are perfect.
(You are very welcome Sweetie)

Hope your little baby is better soon, it is so horrible when they are poorly. Hope she manages to sleep through the night, or you will be tired too.

Take care
Love Elaine xx

elsi67 sa...

Så flott :) Takk for at du er med på Ett trykks utfordring ♥


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