fredag 27. januar 2012


And while I'm asking for advice and you are all being so helpful
I want to ask you another thing that has been on my mind..


I have had the  Making Memories one and it was awesome as long as I got it to cut straight..
then it went in the bin.. 

But I actually considered trying it again..what I love about it is that it has both CM and Inch..
I need that in a cutter and that limit's my options..

Now I have one bought at Staples that was even more expensive..
I have not liked it at all.. it cut's rough edges on my photo's and won't hold the paper/photo in place so it's almost impossible to use on photo's and not good at all on papers either..

I found one a few days ago that I started considering..
This one has both cm and inches and looks good but is it??

Do you have any experience with this one or do you have another one you think I should try?? 
I need a good one that will last for many years!!

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FionaJ sa...

I have a couple of friend whohave that make and they swear they are worth every penny.

Larisa sa...

I wish I had a cutter too) Very good thing in scrapbooking and cardmaking))

Denise and Louise sa...

I bought this one years ago when it was made by Rotatrim - loved it for a while but now have real trouble getting an exact measurement (usually 1-2mm out) or a straight line!! I am currently using one made by Xcut - it's okay but the blade blunts very quickly.
Denise xx

Rachel Parys sa...

It seems hard to find something so simple! I have a fiskars, and it seems to move on me in the middle of cutting. If you find a perfect one, let us know!!

Bente Fagerberg sa...

I dont like these kinds of cutters at all.
I do all my cutting with a large ruler and a roll knife. I think it is the same as for patchwork..My daughter however hates that and wants one of those in your picture.
Jeg har ikke noe godt råd å gi, men jeg er veldig fornöyd med min rullekniv som kanskje andre synes er pyton. Lykke till!

marion sa...

I've doubted for a long time which one to buy and eventually I bought a fiskars cutting machine, it's easy to take to a workshop and OMG I use it so often now that I don't think I can do without one. Good luck choosing one. Hugs, Marion

CraftyC sa...

I have been using the woodware one for years and for me it is the best!

Julie's Blog sa...

I have this Carl cutter and I can't ever seem to get it to cut properly when just trying to trim (like a small white border around photo) ... Its's handy for being able to cut the sizes on the trimmer but I find that's about it! I use a Fiskars that has an extendable arm/ruler that I absolutely love(has both inches and cm) and the blades are really easy to buy and replace. I also use the Creative Memories (party plan scrapbooking company) trimmer for small trimming (up to about 17cm) and I would not survive without this one!! Hope this helps ... Julie :D


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